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We offers you Domestic & international tailor made holidays and personalized holiday packages with a wide range of sightseeing tours and experiences to suit your individual taste and budget. Hills & Beaches include Romantic Getaways, customized holiday packages to India Religion ,Europe, Australia & New Zealand, tours to the Middle East, and custom holidays to America. Rail Europe holidays, tours to exotic islands, and instant holidays for short durations are also available.

Founders of Hills n Beaches got the inspiration of the name from the idea that when somebody thinks about travel then Hills and Beaches are the places comes in mind. Basically its covers the basic thought of Tour, Travel and Leisure. Hills N Beaches Travel Solutions core principle is value for money, instant solutions, transparency, quality services, dedication. With this value based principle we have built over a

period a sustained formidable work force with very high professional ethics & skills.

The Company approaches its functioning with total transparency with all its customer / corporate & trade partners. Company has excellent and extensive network of vendors across India and overseas to support high standard services to our clients.

In Hills n Beaches, top management now consists of two members as Board of Directors each having enviable experiences from diverse field with highly credible professional career behind them.

The objective:
Our Objective is to develop the brand value of the company by extending reliable and trustworthy relations with both our customer and suppliers and to act as one stop solution for all travel, tours, and event related services.

Our mission is to ensure a total satisfying, enjoyable and value for money in our area of services.